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Skills Camp Open Roads Data Acquisition

Turner Hall, Department Of Technology, ISU
699 W College Ave
Normal, Illinois 61761
United States 

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By the end of this class, students will learn how to be productive and be able to take field data and process it into a drawing. Methods for manipulation and adjusting the data will be shown. At the end of this course, the students will be able to produce a basemap of the field information along with a terrain representing existing surface with contours. 

Course  Topics:   
▪  Data  Collection  discussion     
▪  Network  Least  Squares     
▪  Raw  Data  Processing  and  Mapping     
▪  Survey  Editing  Tools     
▪  Digital  Terrain  Modeling:  Creation  and  Display     
▪  Existing  Ground  Profiles     
▪  Reporting     
▪  Import  ASCII  Data     
▪  Digital  Terrain  Modeling

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Skills Camp! MicroStation for Engineers

IAETP Presents
Skills Camp! MicroStation for Engineers

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Full day session $300 per person.
Course Type: Classroom Learning: Hands-on

Course Description: 

Course Prerequisites: Students attending should have experience designing roadways and producing design plans, a working knowledge of the Windows operating system, as well as experience with MicroStation V8i. In this course, the students will learn to use MicroStation to complete a plan set.  

The course begins with a discussion on design files with Models.  An in-depth discussion about Annotation scale and where it is used.  Students will learn tools to aid in the conversion of non-annotative drawings, and other drafting tools to aid in the objective.  The students will then proceed with the creation of plan sheets. 

When creating plan sheets, the students will embark on learning about reference files, attachment methods, live nesting, and reference manipulation.  The students will then proceed to create a profile sheet.  The students will then create a plan and profile sheet.   
Learning Objectives: 
By the end of this class, students will be able to build construction documents with the use of Microstation.     
 Course Topics: 
▪ Opening MicroStation
▪ Working with Views  
▪ Levels
▪ Transparency
▪ Priority
▪ Modifying Existing Elements  
▪ Annotation Scale
▪ Models – Design, Drawing, and Sheet
▪ Plan Sheet Creation
▪ Profile Sheet Creation
▪ Plan and Profile Sheet Creation
▪ Final lab

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