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Skills Camp Open Roads Data Acquisition

Turner Hall, Department Of Technology, ISU
699 W College Ave
Normal, Illinois 61761
United States 

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By the end of this class, students will learn how to be productive and be able to take field data and process it into a drawing. Methods for manipulation and adjusting the data will be shown. At the end of this course, the students will be able to produce a basemap of the field information along with a terrain representing existing surface with contours. 

Course  Topics:   
▪  Data  Collection  discussion     
▪  Network  Least  Squares     
▪  Raw  Data  Processing  and  Mapping     
▪  Survey  Editing  Tools     
▪  Digital  Terrain  Modeling:  Creation  and  Display     
▪  Existing  Ground  Profiles     
▪  Reporting     
▪  Import  ASCII  Data     
▪  Digital  Terrain  Modeling